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RevealQR: free website to scan QR codes for viruses


RevealQR: free website to scan QR codes for viruses

RevealQR using QR codes with VirusTotal. It also employs numerous antivirus and anti-malware programs to scan QR codes.

QR codes are trendy now. And everyone uses them. So using the QR is dangerous. A hacked QR might disclose all your personal data. But RevealQR saves the day. This website examines QR codes for viruses. It scans using VirusTotal. Before scanning the QR, it reveals all the dangers.

How to Use RevealQR

Since RevealQr is an online app, you must first visit the website. The website’s home page has a short introduction of QR codes and the service. And a button to begin the procedure. This is the home screen:

Step 1: Create an account

“RevealQR” now appears. Home screen “It’s free” button The button takes you to the login page. To use the service, you must register. Then you must verify the account. After account verification, you must use the same credentials. Finally, you’ll board.


After logging in, you may use the service. After logging in, here is the webpage.

Step 2: Scan a QR

This webpage now has QR scanning. On the screen is a “Choose File” button. Enter any QR stored on your device. The rest of the procedure is now automated, so your job is done. Scan the QR to get the URL. And VirusTotal will scan this URL for malware. VirusTotal will scan the URL with 40+ antivirus and malware detection systems.

As a consequence, the website will show the analysis conclusion. Finally, RevealQR’s website lists all dangers. You may then chose whether to scan the QR or not. I’ve included a screenshot demonstrating the same.

As the number of QR-based hacks has risen, so has the demand for security measures. It’s a security measure, RevealQR. It submits a QR’s URL to VirusTotal. In addition, virustotal scans the URL with several anti-virus and anti-mal The findings are shown on the RevealQr website.

RevealQR is a great app. We use QR a lot on the internet. And keeping it safe is growing tougher. But this site does it swiftly. The website shows real-time scan results. And I may assess the QR’s suitability after scanning it. The website is user-friendly. It’s free.

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