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5 Google Sheet QR code generators


5 Google Sheet QR code generators

A QR (quick response) code is a square design that may be scanned to retrieve information.

There are various free QR code generator tools available online. My topic in this article is 5 Free QR Code Generators for Google Sheets These add-ons take data from a single cell (or range of cells in bulk creation) and turn it into QR Codes. Some of these generators are add-ons from the Google Workspace Marketplace, while others are Public APIs.

QR Code Generator by Innova Apps

This Google Spreadsheets add-on makes it simple to generate QR codes from ‘values’ in Google Spreadsheets. You may also generate large quantities of QR codes by selecting a range of values in a spreadsheet or by utilizing a custom QR code template. The completed QR codes are stored as PNG files in either a Google Document or your Google Drive, depending on your preference.

Then, from the Google Sheets Extension menu, choose the cell (or range of cells) holding the information, choose the size of a QR Code, choose whether the QR Codes should be saved in PNG file format or a Google Doc, and click on the “Generate” button. Your QR Code(s) will be saved to your Google Drive in a matter of seconds.

With the custom templates, you can quickly and easily create QR-enabled vouchers, ID cards, and tickets, among other things, using your own pictures and photographs. It is possible to automate the card creation process by using Google Forms to submit photos and other information to Google Drive and have the process of uploading photographs and other information automated.

Overall, this is a really useful add-on for quickly creating QR codes in Google Sheets, and it is highly recommended. Furthermore, the designs given by the add-on are ideal for producing greeting cards and coupons, among other things. There is a maximum of 20 free QR codes per user, beyond which you will be required to make a payment to the website’s creator.

For a download and installation of this add-on from the Google Marketplace, please click here.

QR code Generator using Google Charts API

Using this way of making QR Codes in Google Sheets does not necessitate the download and installation of any other software. The QR codes are constructed using the =IMAGE formula, which stands for equal image. In order to complete the request, it dynamically calls the Free Google Charts API. The following is the formula’s structural breakdown:


While the size of the QR image is defined by the ‘chs’ parameter, the value of the ENCODEURL argument (in brackets) indicates the cell in the sheet from which the information is taken by the code.

It is stored in the cell where the formula is specified and entered that the QR codes are saved. Any change in the value of the source cell will cause the QR code to dynamically alter on the fly. Given that the API is provided for free, there is no restriction to the amount of QR codes that can be created.

When you copy and paste a formula into several cells in a row or column, the reference cells are automatically changed to reflect this. Create several QR codes with ease by putting the values in different cells and copying the formula next to them using this feature.

Overall, this is a fantastic method of dynamically creating a large number of QR codes in Google Spreadsheets. All of this is provided without the need for any type of upfront payment.

QR code Generator using QuickChart API

Like the last one, this one does not require an add-on. Use the QuickChart Public API and the IMAGE() formula to produce QR codes in your Google Sheet.

The formula looks like this:


The ‘light’ and ‘dark’ parameters specify the QR image’s background and foreground colors. The size parameter determines the QR image size, and the ENCODEURL argument gives the sheet cell from which the data is gathered. The QR image is created as a PNG by default. To save it in SVG format, add the following option format=SVG.


To make several QR codes, just duplicate the formula to many rows and fill in the encoded data.

All in all, this is a great dynamic and free QR code generator. The maximum is 60 QR Code queries per minute, which is plenty for everyday use.

Bulk QR Code Generator by WorkAddons

This Google Workspace Add-on generates QR codes from data in a Google Sheet. Of course, you may produce a single or small number of QR codes as needed.

With this add-on, you may build and store your own QR Code templates (designs) using a robust QR Code editor.

Then run the add-on from the Google Sheets Extensions Menu. Click ‘Templates’ in the pop-up window and pick one of the free templates. Select the data column as ‘QR Code value’ and another column for saving QR Codes. ‘Generate QR Codes’. In a matter of seconds, all data values in the specified column will be decoded and their QR codes added.

In summary, this is a great free QR Code Generator for Google Sheets that works great for both single and batch QR codes. Payment is required only if you want the entire set of templates and the QR Code editor.

Download and install this add-on here.

QR Code Generator using GoQR API

This QR Code Generator employs a Public API with the image() formula and does not require any add-ons to be downloaded. Like the previous APIs, QR Codes are created and placed directly into the formula cell.

The formula looks like this:


The ‘color’ and ‘bgcolor’ options determine the foreground and background colors. The ENCODEURL parameter indicates the address of the cell containing the value (brackets). This option allows you to choose a margin for the QR image.

To encode and produce several QR codes, duplicate the formula and fill in the encoded data. The ENCODEURL argument’s cell reference changes automatically.

As with the previous way, you can use the Google Sheets API to produce free QR Codes anywhere you need them.

QR Code Generator using GoQR API

QR Code Generators for Google Sheets are a terrific method to combine data and QR Codes in one document. The sheet may be used for many things, including printing.

You may test each of the QR Code Generators listed above one by one to see which one best suits your needs.

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