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How to enable Taskbar Search widget in Windows 11


How to enable Taskbar Search widget in Windows 11

This is a brief guide on how to activate the Taskbar Search widget in Windows 11. In addition to tabs in Explorer, the most recent Windows 11 insider release also has a new Taskbar Search widget, which I will describe in this post.

The new Taskbar widget aligns to the left side of the desktop and launches Windows Search. It allows you to search for files and apps, although the Start menu’s search feature is faster.

The Microsoft engineers also introduced this desktop search bar, which solely searches the internet. However, this new search widget will be an extension of the old Windows search, making it easier to access.

This search widget is however undergoing testing internally. And first, it will only be accessible to a select few insiders. If you still wish to test it out, I will demonstrate how to do so with the most recent Windows 11 release.

How to Enable Taskbar Search Widget in Windows 11?

  1. Download and run ViveTool GUI from its GitHub releases.
    Click on Manually Change a Feature and enter code “37010913” in the box.
  2. Now, click the Activate Feature button.

Now, after these steps, you simply have to restart your PC. After the PC restarts, you will see a search icon on the widget box on the bottom left side of the desktop. It looks like this.

In this way, you can use these simple steps to enable the new search widget on Windows 11. You can try it out in Windows Insider Dev build 25136. And in the later dev builds, it will be available with more stable functionality.

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