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VideoMentions: Search YouTube for Spoken Words


VideoMentions: Search YouTube for Spoken Words

VideoMentions is an online tool that allows you to search for spoken words across all YouTube videos.

A YouTube channel is where you may collect and keep your uploaded videos, playlists, and other content. It reflects a member’s own YouTube presence with a URL that may be marketed on a variety of websites and social media platforms.

Simply enter the URL of the YouTube channel you wish to search, the search term, and the period range within which the search must be conducted, such as 1 month, 3 months, All time, and others.

After the search is complete, VideoMentions delivers links to the precise occasions where the ‘Searched words’ were said in the video, eliminating the need to fast-forward or rewind.

Businesses may utilize VideoMentions to discover which influencers and individuals are discussing their brand. Students may use it to search YouTube channels of well-known online teachers for certain keyword themes. Similar use scenarios in which VideoMentions search may be utilized effectively are likely numerous.

How to use VideoMentions

  1. Go to VideoMentions.
  2. Paste the YouTube channel’s URL in ‘Channel URL’
  3. Type the search text in the keywords area, set the date range, and click ‘Search’ In the picture below, I searched YouTube for’magnetism’
  4. Depending on the period range and YouTube channel size, the search may take a while. Here’s a search result screenshot.
  5. Click on any search result to play the YouTube video from where the term was pronounced. Turn on captions to check results.
  6. VideoMentions offers a premium service that sends email alerts when YouTubers mention specified keywords in their title or description. Read about this service here.

No multiple-keyword search is available. VideoMentions will search for phrases if you input more than one word. VideoMentions is a great search tool for YouTube speech. It has several uses.

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