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Prod Guard: Firefox plugin that warns you of Production Websites


Prod Guard: Firefox plugin that warns you of Production Websites

Prod Guard is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox that warns and informs users when they browse Production Websites. This is accomplished by the addition of preconfigured warning signs to the URLs of the affected websites.

Live Sites are production websites as opposed to development or staging sites where individuals are only attempting to build it up or make modifications. You must be cautious when dealing with them, lest you make unintentional errors presuming they are under progress, leading to costly and time-consuming repercussions.

Prod Guard is particularly useful for individuals who must frequently switch between the production and development environments. People have a propensity to forget the surroundings in which they are working, resulting in costly alterations to production locations.

Prod Guard enables you to apply blazing red alerts to any websites that are undergoing production. Once this is completed, the alert will continue to inform you that you are working in a production environment and must be watchful.

Prod Guard has three warning styles (locations): top banner, bottom banner, and border. In addition to the warning, you can input a message and customize the background and foreground colors.

How to use Prod Guard

  1. Install the Prod Guard Firefox plugin.
  2. Click ‘New Warning’ on the Prod Guard plugin icon.
  3. Prod Guard Enter the Production Website’s URL, create a warning message, and modify the backdrop and text. Save your work.
  4. Add a Warning to each production webpage.
  5. The next time you visit the URL, the Warning will appear based on your preferences.

URL expressions can include wildcard characters. If you define the URL as*, a warning will be displayed whenever you approach this domain followed by any route, such as, etc. These wild card characters can be used in the host, path, or port of a fully qualified domain name.

Prod Guard is an excellent solution to prevent individuals from making severe mistakes in a production environment while working on a development website. The cautions and messages remind them.

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