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FastForward: automatically skip tracker, intermediate URLs


FastForward: automatically skip tracker, intermediate URLs

When activated, FastForward skips link shorteners, trackers, and intermediate URLs. It works on sites like,,,, and

Pages serving as intermediaries may be used for user monitoring, advertisement display, or other reasons.

It is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and other Chromium-based browsers. FastForward is a derivative of the deprecated Universal Bypass extension, which we examined on our site in 2018.


You may view the extension’s source code on this GitHub repository, as the extension is open source.

Numerous websites and services employ intermediate pages. Others use them to minimize the number of web URLs shown on their website or to generate cash. Depending on the type of intermediary page, visitors may be immediately transferred to the destination, needed to wait before proceeding, or asked to do an action.

FastForward automatically avoids intermediate pages. Once installed in a suitable web browser, the extension operates automatically.

It is advised that you examine the preferences before beginning use, as you may need to modify some settings. Left-click the extension icon to proceed.

Crowd Bypass employs the collective intelligence of all extension users to bypass intermediate connections that cannot be bypassed automatically. Essentially, it takes the information from the first user who completes the necessary steps to reach the target and distributes it to all subsequent users of the extension.

On the one hand, this is beneficial, yet other users may not want their information contributed to the project. The team states that the URL of the intermediary page, the URL of the destination website, and the user’s IP address are captured during the process.

To deactivate this functionality, uncheck “Crowd Bypass: Give and take destinations of unbypassable shorteners.”

The extension allows developers to test custom bypasses and submit them to the team so that all users can benefit from them.

On the project’s website, a collection of sample redirects may be found.

FastForward is an efficient browser plugin that bypasses intermediate sites. It speeds up the destination’s loading time and may increase privacy in the process. Internet users who often visit these intermediate pages are the most benefited by the installation.

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