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FileDoge: unmetered internet file sharing service


FileDoge: unmetered internet file sharing service

FileDoge allows you to upload files to its online interface and provides a unique URL for you to share with anybody.

You can also remove the file if you no longer require it. The nicest aspect is that it even has a file sharing API.

You may easily upload and retrieve files using REST API. No API key or token is required. Upload any file with a single HTTP request. Uploading files through HTTP command line tools like cURL Httpie. However, you may upload files up to 200 MB through API for free.

Free File Sharing Service with Unmetered File Sharing API: File Doge

File Doge is both a web and API service. You may use the web UI to upload files via the API. No registration or sign up is required to upload files using web UI. Upload a file and it will generate a link for you to copy.

If you like, you may see your previous uploads on the main UI. There it also provides you opportunity to remove them if you no longer require such files. It recognizes you via IP or cookies.


Upload files from the command line with cURL. If you use Linux, you presumably already have it. If you’re using Windows, you can get it here. I’m assuming you know cURL. So, simply build the API request as shown below. The token it allocates to your files is returned in the JSON response.

curl –location –request POST ‘’ \ -H “Content-Type: multipart/form-data;” –form ‘file=@filePath’

You can query a file you previously uploaded. Assuming you have the token, perform an API call using cURL. IT NOW SHOWS INFORMATION ABOUT UPLOADED FILE As shown in the image below.

curl –location –request GET ‘’

So you may utilize both the file sharing service and the upload API. Simple API queries are all it takes to upload and query files. If you are a coder, you can use this site to temporarily store files.

Finally, if you are seeking for a file sharing service with a free API, you have found it. Just utilize this one and it won’t let you down. Upload files using the web UI or the API. If you are seeking for a free file uploading API, then you have come to the perfect spot. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

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