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Listnr: online tool to create AI voiceovers


Listnr: online tool to create AI voiceovers

Listnr is a wonderful online tool that lets you create lifelike AI voiceovers in a few seconds utilizing high-quality Text to Speech (TTS) engines and export them as audio files or widgets.

It is a tremendous benefit for Freelancers, Podcasters, and others to provide their audience with an upgraded audio experience.

Listnr claims a wide library of over 570 voices in over 75 distinct languages and provides users with a great deal of freedom in selecting the Style, Script, etc.

How to use Listnr

  1. Visit Listnr and scroll down to Text to Speech Editor.
  2. Click the Voice menu and pick Language, Male/Female speaking, and TTS Engine like Patrick, Elizabeth, Grace, and more.

  3. Choose the Speech Style from the drop-down menu, choose the pause time for punctuation marks, and set the voice speed.
  4. Paste the text you wish to convert into Listnr and click Convert
  5. Based on your preferences, the TTS Engine converts text to speech. Listen by clicking “Play.”

Paid users may export audio files in WAV or MP3 for blogs, podcasts, and more. Audio Widgets let premium Listnr users embed audio on websites and blogs. Listnr lets you create and replace pronunciations. They’re saved in the existing voice’s language.

Free restricts the amount of voices and words each month. Paid packages include all 570 voices and thousands of words every month. Here’s their price and plans.

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