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Iconduck: Open-source icons and graphics


Iconduck: Open-source icons and graphics

The website Iconduck provides a free library of open-source icons and pictures.

You may search for and download free icons for use in both personal and business endeavors. Now, they have created a Figma plugin that you can use to easily access free icon and illustration resources in your UI projects. No sign-up or registration is necessary to use this Iconduck plugin with Figma.

All of the icons offered by Iconduck within Figma are vector images. They may be resized and placed anywhere inside the design. There is no watermark left there either. You may export your UI designs or prototypes with Iconduck icons without watermarks or other limitations. When you no longer require this, you may uninstall the plugin using Figma’s plugins management.


This Iconduck Figma plugin is simple to install. Simply click this link and ensure that you are logged into your Figma account. Simply add the plugin and then begin using it. After the Iconduck plugin has been successfully installed, it may be located in the Plugins area. As seen in the screenshot below:

Start developing your design immediately. Alternately, you may start with any existing UI design. Simply run the Iconduck plugin whenever you need to add an icon to this. Where to find this is indicated above. It will open in a pop-up window. You may search for any icon and then click on it to add it to your design using its search function. This is as basic as it gets.

Similarly, you may use drawings into your designs. It has several individuals and single-person drawings that may be included into your design. Simply search for them and put them into your design. You may later reposition them by dragging them anywhere inside the design.

Thus, Figma may utilize this free Iconduck plugin. Simply do as many searches for icons and pictures as desired, and then include them into your creations. The most advantageous aspect is that all of its assets are vector graphics in SVG format. No matter how much an asset is scaled, it will never become pixelated.

If you are a Figma user, then you will like this Iconduck plugin. It will make your life simpler by allowing you to rapidly search for and add icons to your projects. We have previously explored a Figma plugin for free icons, but this one differs in that the materials it provides are open source. If you enjoy utilizing open-source software, you will definitely enjoy this plugin. And remember that Iconduck has a website where you can find and download icons for free.

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