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Literal: Free Figma plugin for screen captures


Literal: Free Figma plugin for screen captures

Literal is a free Figma plugin that makes it easy to make screenshots from screen recordings. This plugin lets you record user videos and makes full-sized screenshots that you can use in your design work. It can be used to record both mobile app screens and desktop app screens.

Literal is a free Figma plugin that can be used to turn screen recordings into screenshots. It smartly figures out when frames change in the video you send it and then captures them. It will be able to pull out all of the screens from the video recording, no matter how many there are.

How to Change Screen Recording to Screenshots in Figma?

If you have a free account on Figma, it’s easy to get started. You can add this plugin to your Figma account from this page. After that, it will be in the section for plug-ins. From there, all you have to do is run it, and a small window will pop up asking for a video.

Next, you just drag and drop the video onto the popup. After the video is uploaded, it will start to look at it. Wait a minute or two. As you can see below, when it’s done processing the video, it will make all the screenshots in the workspace area.

Now that you have all the screenshots, you can use them in any way you like. You can get rid of the ones you don’t need, and you can resize and move the others wherever you want in the workspace.

This Literal plugin can be used to take screenshots from video recordings in this way. This is a great tool for quickly turning user journey recordings into screenshots. But it can only handle one video at a time for now.

Last thoughts: Sometimes it’s hard to take screenshots of videos by hand. But if you use Figma, you can do that easily with the Literal plugin. Just install the plugin, and you’ll be all set. This plugin is useful, so I will suggest that you keep it. Just call it whenever you want to get frames. It will work with any kind of screen recording, whether it was made on a phone or a computer.

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