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Vectorwiki: 120k logos and icons in SVG and PNG files for free


Vectorwiki: 120k logos and icons in SVG and PNG files for free

Vectorwiki is a free online library with more than 120,000 brand logos and icons in SVG and PNG formats that can be quickly and easily downloaded. They are easy for developers and designers to use as placeholders or to show off company affiliations.

Logos and icons from Vectorwiki are easy to use in Photoshop, Figma, Sketch, and other top design programs for creative projects. One should keep in mind that all the logos, icons, etc. belong to the people who made them.


SVG files are mostly used on websites to show 2-D images, charts, illustrations, and more. Since they are vector files, they can be made bigger or smaller without losing any quality.

You can search for any logo by its brand name, look at the newest logos, or look at logos in alphabetical order, depending on what you want to do.

If you want to download a logo or icon you’ve chosen, just click on it and then click on “Download SVG Logo” or “Download PNG Logo,” depending on what you need.

The quality of SVG and PNG images is very good, and designers and artists can use them well in their graphic applications.

You can show off your brand on Vectorwiki by logging in and adding your own logos and icons.

Vectorwiki is a curated list of more than 120k icons in PNG and SVG formats that you can use to show company affiliations or as placeholder images. The large collection is a great help to designers and programmers.

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