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WpBrokenPy: powerful WordPress broken link checker


WpBrokenPy: powerful WordPress broken link checker

WpBrokenPy is a Python script that saves the result with your domain and CSV file name. With this script, you may check the entire website for broken links. The final file contains statistics on all broken links with 404 and other issues.

It outputs a CSV file with columns for post ID, post URL, broken link, and status code. A URL in various WordPress articles creates different problems, therefore it logs that as well. This multithreaded script can crawl thousands of pages in hours, whereas typical crawling tools can take a day or more.

WpBrokenPy Python script

Popular link checkers like Screaming Frog and SiteBulb examine a website for broken links using conventional crawling. Crawling may be time consuming, inefficient, and slow down a PC. You may prevent crawling while scanning a WordPress website. Use the API, like this script does.

WpBrokenPy is a multi-threaded script that runs over every post. Extracted URLs are checked for HTTP status codes. 404 error URLs are noted and added to the CSV file. To disregard or add certain HTTP status codes, programmers can modify the script.

Broken Link Checker for WordPress WpBrokenPy

This script requires Python to execute. It runs smoothly on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Simply run a command and the rest will be handled.

Install Python first, then open a command prompt or PowerShell terminal. Install the modules and libraries with the following command.

pip install requests bs4

Start the script now. Get it here and extract it. It may be saved anywhere on your PC.

Navigate the PowerShell or CMD prompt to the script file’s location. Run the script as follows. The CLI will display you the amount of pages to scan and the links to each post.

Syntax: python Domain CSV_Filename
Example: python finsite.csv

After the scan, it will produce a CSV file with the name you specified before scanning. The report is in the CSV file. It will display you the post link, broken link, WordPress ID, and status code in the report.


This software can scan any WordPress page and discover broken links. A WP website with 3000 posts and 10-15 URLs per article was tested. It took 40-45 minutes and the report was quite accurate. You may use the same method to examine other WordPress sites.

If you want a quick and free way to check your WordPress website for broken or invalid links, this is it. Simply execute this script and it will not disappoint. Best of all, it has no effect on PC performance. Run it, minimize the command window, and continue working.

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