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Alwane: extracts colors from any website


Alwane: extracts colors from any website

Alwane is a free tool to extract color palette from any website, and export as CSS.

Generally, web developers struggle to choose the appropriate color palette for their websites. As a result, they seek inspiration from other websites, although obtaining correct color codes remains a significant challenge. That is where Alwane comes into play. Alwane retrieves the color palette associated with the website you’ve entered. Additionally, you may examine the Hexadecimal values for each color. You may download all of the website’s color schemes, including the tiniest details such as logos and buttons.

How to Use Alwane

When you first visit the website, you will see the home page, which has an excellent website with its color removed for you. On the right side of the screen, you can view the extracted colors, while on the left, you can see all additional options. I’ve included a screenshot below that demonstrates the same thing:


As can be seen, the screen is divided into two sections. On the right, you can see the colors that were retrieved from the website. This page contains all of the website’s colors. You may view the entire color pallet. Alternatively, you may view the hexadecimal codes as well. Two buttons are located at the upper right of the screen. One is for the Color Palette, while the other is for the Hexadecimal code. Additionally, there is a Twitter icon in the upper right corner of the page that allows you to share it using your Twitter account.

Additionally, the left side of the screen has fields for the Website URL, CSS code, and Hex Colors, in addition to other advanced options. You can put the URL of the website from which you’d like to extract colors in this field. Alternatively, you may include the page’s CSS code. Alternatively, you may copy and paste the Hex color code. To extract the colors, any of these approaches may be utilized.

Three approaches are available for extracting colors:

  • URL: Paste the destination website’s URL and extract the colors.
  • CSS Code: Paste the page’s CSS code and extract the colors.
  • HEX color codes: Paste and extract colors from Hex color codes.

After extracting colors, you may see them in either the Color palette format or as Hex color codes. Additionally, you can quickly copy these codes using the ‘copy’ button located in the upper right corner of the screen. You may simply include these scripts into your work. There are a few other parameters on the webpage that programmers may utilize.

Alwane may prove to be really beneficial for programmers and web developers. They may use this program to obtain the color palettes associated with any website. They will not have to start from scratch. Alwane is a really simple application to use and comprehend. It is absolutely free and does not require any prior knowledge. You are not need to log in or register to use this.

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