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Kidrex: a kid-friendly search engine


Kidrex: a kid-friendly search engine

Kidrex from is a dedicated search engine for children that uses Google’s ‘Safe Search’ technology to deliver just kid-relevant search results from around the web.

Today, the internet is widely utilized for search and information purposes. It has become into ‘THE’ primary instrument for students to do any type of study or research connected to their courses. Additionally, we have observed recently in the epidemic years that practically all youngsters are reliant on their cellphones and laptops for online education and tasks. Oftentimes, parents are powerless and leave their children alone with these devices, exposing them to harmful websites that encourage sexual material, violence, vandalism, racism, and terrorism, among other things.

With so much time spent online by children, we frequently have no idea what they are looking for or whether they are being pursued by strange virtual entities. This may be extremely hazardous and disturbing, made even more so by the fact that the internet now has an abundance of information.

KidRex is certainly a savior during these trying times. It filters out terms, phrases, and links to prevent your youngster from looking for or seeing sexual content.

  1. Set KidRex as your browser’s homepage. For details on how to complete this step, go here.
    Navigate to KidRex and do a search for information that would be considered unsuitable for your youngster. A significant amount of inappropriate stuff would have been filtered out.
  2. If you continue to see offensive content, navigate to the KidRex Home Page, choose ‘Parents’ -> ‘Web Removal Request Tool,’ and complete the form to notify the creators of the unexpected and unpleasant results.
  3. No strategy is completely foolproof. KidRex maintains a database of terms and URLs to be screened, but there is always a chance that inappropriate stuff may slip through. If you see an unacceptable search result despite the filters, you may request that it be deleted, so helping to make Kidrex a safer place for children.

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