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Tabs within File Explorer in Windows 11 version 22H2


Tabs within File Explorer in Windows 11 version 22H2

Microsoft updated Windows 11 Insider devices to version 22621.160 today. Microsoft is preparing to release Windows 11, therefore the upgrade is a bug repair.

Tabs in File Explorer are one of the primary things that Microsoft is presently focusing on. The company’s initial intention was to implement tab functionality for all Windows application windows. Microsoft shifted its development efforts to focus on incorporating tabs into File Explorer, the main file manager for the operating system.

The most recent Windows 11 version 22 Beta release supports File Explorer tabs. Microsoft eliminated tab support from File Explorer in prior releases, but reinstated it in the current edition.

Additionally, File Explorer tabs have been included with the 2023 feature update build 25136.

Despite the possibility that the functionality may be disabled by default in the future feature update, it looks that File Explorer tabs will be enabled by default in the upgrade.

Users of Windows can open numerous directories and routes in a single File Explorer window by utilizing tabs. File Explorer’s tabs function similarly to browser tabs. Users are able to independently create and use new tabs in File Explorer. Also supported are the keyboard commands Ctrl-T to launch a new tab and Ctrl-W to shut the present tab.

Explorer has a right-click menu for managing open tabs, such as to close tabs. The functionality offers drag-and-drop actions for reordering.

Support for tabs in File Explorer is a commonly desired feature, as it allows several routes to be opened in a single File Explorer window. Microsoft may add capabilities to the basic version in the future, such as enhancing file operations between tabs.


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