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3 ways to Enter BIOS on Windows 11


3 ways to Enter BIOS on Windows 11

BIOS is your computer’s backend if you get stuck or need to modify settings. Windows 11 access hasn’t altered much, thankfully.

You may enter BIOS on Windows 11 in several methods, which you can choose from here.

Enter BIOS via Windows Settings

This approach allows you to access BIOS visually using Windows 11 settings page if your PC is already started and being used. Method:

  • Launch the Settings app with the combination of Windows key + I
  • In the Settings window, navigate to and click System on the left pane
  • Under System, click on Recovery
  • Next, In the Recovery window, navigate to the bottom-right and click on Restart Now, right next to Advanced Startup
  • A prompt will pop with a header that says We’ll Restart Your Device to Save Your Work. Click on Restart Now user it
  • Chose an Option screen will pop up next. Navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > UEFI Firmware Settings and then select Restart

Enter BIOS in Startup Screen

To access BIOS on Windows 11, most people utilize the Device-Centric technique, which means various devices require different keys. Most PCs’ BIOS key is F2, although you may validate yours on the boot-up splash screen.

The splash screen usually displays the manufacturer’s logo and a popup instructing you which key to hit to enter BIOS. You may also Google “BIOS key for (Device Model)” to get your device’s BIOS key.

Before the PC’s screen goes blank, hit the BIOS key. If you don’t get it properly the first time, restart your PC.

Use Windows Terminal

You can also boot into BIOS using the Terminal utility on Windows 11. To access it,

  • Press Windows key to open the Start Menu
  • Next, search for Windows Terminal using the Start Menu search bar
  • Click on the app in the search result
  • In Windows Terminal, type the following command:

shutdown /r /o /f /t 00

  • Press Enter key and follow the prompt in the Choose an Option Screen as demonstrated in the previous method

Your system will go off and boot into BIOS from here.

There are a few different ways to access BIOS on Windows 11, but one of the three above should suffice. Thank you for reading.

Unless you’re confident with BIOS settings, don’t change anything to avoid OS disturbances. If you have questions, post them here.

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