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How to extend your PC screen to your Galaxy tablet


How to extend your PC screen to your Galaxy tablet

Do you wish you could extend your PC’s screen beyond a TV or monitor? With One UI 3.1, your tablet can do that! With Windows 10, you can mirror your laptop’s screen to a Galaxy tablet. The tablet’s screen can even operate your PC.

This feature is only available on Galaxy tablets running One UI 3.1 or later and Windows 10 PCs.

Set up and use Second screen

For optimum results, keep the two devices near together and on the same Wi-Fi network.

Maybe you need to teach a colleague anything online. Your coworker may watch from a Galaxy tablet instead of gathering around your PC. They may also use the tablet to manipulate your computer to show off their skills.

  • Open the Quick settings window on your tablet by swiping down from the top.
  • Swipe left, then hit Second screen.
  • Choose between drawing/gaming or video connection.
  • Once you’ve picked your connection method, don’t close the Second screen page.
  • Next, log on to your Windows 10 PC and simultaneously hit Windows + K.

  • Select your tablet from the list. So long as the Second Screen website is active, your computer will see your tablet.
  • Select “Allow mouse, keyboard, touch, and pen input from this device” if desired.
  • Your tablet’s screen will mirror your computer’s. You can browse your computer’s UI using a mouse or a tablet’s touch screen.
  • On both the PC and tablet screens, a toolbar appears. Toggle the thumbtack symbol to reposition the toolbar. When unpinned, hover towards the page’s top to re-appear the toolbar.

When done, select Disconnect to disconnect. On your PC, hit Windows + K, then select Disconnect next to your tablet’s name.

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