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Chrome and Firefox block Video Ad-Block for Twitch for redirecting users and introducing referral links


Chrome and Firefox block Video Ad-Block for Twitch for redirecting users and introducing referral links

Video advertising are among the internet’s most vexing. This is one of the numerous reasons to use an ad-blocker, but what happens when one of those add-ons goes rogue? Sadly, the Video Ad-Block for Twitch plugin has vanished.

The Chrome and Firefox add-on had over 600,000 users. The Video Ad-Block for Twitch extension’s GitHub website has gone. The original repo’s web archive page.

Worse, the add-on had been changed, requiring additional permissions. “Read and update your data on all Amazon sites,” the plugin stated. Some users noticed that the browser plugin began inserting a referral tag “aradb-21” into Amazon.UK product listings. The extension’s creator may get paid if someone buys a product after clicking the affiliate links.

Not only that, but the add-on actually redirects queries to Amazon.UK without the user’s knowledge. Both of these things are considered malware. The extension was removed from Google and Mozilla’s extensions repository. Uninstall the Video Ad-Block for Twitch extension immediately. For the technically inclined, this is the code used to reroute people.

Raymond Gorhill, the founder of uBlock Origin, welcomed such add-ons since they are updated faster and have greater support than ordinary ad blocks. His post was on a debate about an unblocked add-on. Who could have foretold its demise? But, don’t panic, there are other more options accessible.

How to prevent advertisements on Twitch?

Another developer has cloned the add-on and named it Twitch Adblock. It’s free, open source, and mocks the original extension’s mistakes. The extension is for Chrome and Firefox. A uBlock Origin staff member recommended it as a suitable replacement for the Video Ad-Block for Twitch plugin.

Because Amazon is constantly upgrading its algorithms to prevent ad blocks, uBlock Origin problems with adverts on Twitch. Why? Because Twitch’s $8.99/month Twitch Turbo package removes ads, it’s easy money for the corporation. However, by modifying the filters and adjusting specific parameters, the add-on may disable adverts on Twitch.

How to configure uBlock Origin to block ads on Twitch

  • uBlock Origin’s button opens the Dashboard.
  • Go to My Filters.
  • Insert the following line.

  • Apply the Changes.
  • Go to the main Settings page of uBlock Origin, and toggle the checkbox next to “I am an Advanced User.”

  • Click the gear icon. Set the value of the userResourcesLocation to
  • Click Apply Changes to preserve your selections.

If the video freezes, you may use the notify-swap version from the link below.

  • Restart your browser and view the Twitch videos with advertising. The adverts should be removed from the videos.

Why did the Video Ad-Block for Twitch extension fail? Rumors say the developer sold it to a third party, turning it from an open source project to a closed one. This is not the first time an addon has sold out its users.

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