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ExtPassword: Recover Windows and program passwords


ExtPassword: Recover Windows and program passwords

ExtPassword is a Nirsoft portable tool designed to recover passwords from Windows and Windows apps. It can also be run on the active system, however the output may be limited.

ExtPassword is compatible with every version of Windows, from Windows XP to Windows 11. The tool is capable of recovering a broad variety of passwords from Windows and specific applications:

  • Windows Credential files provide passwords for distant computers.
  • Security questions and answers for Windows 10 and 11.
  • Cache file for Microsoft Account.
  • Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Internet Explorer passwords.
  • Passwords for dial-up and VPN connections.
  • Passwords for email clients on Windows 10 and 11, include Outlook, Thunderbird, and the
  • Windows Mail App.
  • Wireless network encryption keys.
  • Passwords for DPAPI in Windows 10.

It’s as simple as downloading the software archive from the Nirsoft website, extracting its contents, and running the application with elevated privileges. Nota bene: When you launch the application, Windows may display a SmartScreen warning prompt. The software is not harmful, and warnings may be presented if Microsoft’s SmartScreen service does not recognize it.


On startup, the program shows a setup window. Select the external device to scan and enter any Windows or Firefox master passwords that you may have. Passwords are optional, but without them, certain data may not be recoverable.

The extraction process takes only a second or two. The data is shown in a tabular manner, with columns highlighting application names, user names and passwords, storage, and the user profile. A click on a column header arranges the table accordingly; choosing Edit > Find additionally provides a search tool for fast locating text.

You may export data in a variety of formats. Select any number of rows in the table and then click the save/copy chosen items option to copy or save the date to the clipboard or the local system.

Additionally, you may export the complete list of user names and passwords in a variety of formats, including plain text, CSV, or XML.

By pressing F7, the log file is shown, which may indicate why a certain password is not displayed.

ExtPassword is a valuable software for Windows administrators and users who need to recover passwords from a running or archived system. The tool delivers the data in a matter of seconds and works best when Windows passwords are supplied (and the Firefox master password if you need to retrieve data from the browser).

ExtPassword is currently confined to scanning whole disks; there is no possibility to scan individual folders. Finally, read access to the data is necessary in order to retrieve it.

ExtPassword is a handy password recovery program for the Windows operating system in general.

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