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Need for Speed Unbound review


Need for Speed Unbound review

Yo, gamers! Are you ready for some high-speed, open-world street racing action? Look no further than Need for Speed Unbound! This game is the perfect blend of the freedom to burn rubber and leave your opponents in the dust, all while being set in an open-world environment. Even though it’s made by the mastermind behind the Burnout series, it still has that unique Need for Speed flair that we all know and love. And let me tell you, the tweaks and additions in this game make for an even more exhilarating and visually stunning experience. As a long-time player of the series, I can attest that this game will not disappoint!

But what really sets Need for Speed Unbound apart is the setting of the game, the city of Lakeshore. Inspired by the Windy City of Chicago, it serves as the ultimate playground for every race. The development team has taken some inspiration from Burnout Paradise, with things like billboards and challenging elements scattered throughout the city. And trust me, as a collector, you’ll love the many collectibles waiting for you to race and grab all over Lakeshore. Plus, the car crash moments now happen in a split second, giving you an even faster racing pace. So, rev your engines and get ready for the ultimate street racing experience with Need for Speed Unbound!

Now, while Need for Speed Unbound does bring some major improvements in the visual aspect of the game, the gameplay remains relatively the same as its predecessor. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, unless you’re looking for something more similar to Forza Horizon 5 or Gran Turismo 6. The goal of the game is still to participate in high-risk races to earn rewards. The higher the risk, the higher the reward, and vice versa. And as you win races, your Heat level will increase, making the races more challenging and law enforcement more present.

To cope with these risks and challenges, players will need to earn money to customize or buy powerful cars that can handle the track better. In truth, Need for Speed Unbound doesn’t bring many improvements to the gameplay when compared to Need for Speed Heat. But the biggest difference is that the graphic style has been elevated to a more realistic level and combines cel-shade animation to create a unique impression.

Have you seen the visuals of Need for Speed Unbound? It’s ludicrous! It’s as if you’re actually racing through the streets of Lakeshore, the city is so vivid and accurate. In addition, the lighting and shading effects are unparalleled. In addition, the hip hop and pop soundtrack complements the fast-paced action perfectly. Oh, and did I mention that you can personalize your car’s exhaust sound? So cool!

Now, I realize that some people enjoy the story part of games, but I find it unneeded in NFS Unbound. The plot is unremarkable and adds nothing to the entire experience for me. It appears as though the makers incorporated it to highlight the cel-shade images and prevent them from being overpowered by the realistic visuals. However, this is simply my personal perspective.

As a hardcore gamer, I’ve got to say, the biggest downside of Need for Speed Unbound is that the gameplay can start to feel a bit stale after a while. It’s especially true when you invest all your in-game cash into upgrades instead of buying new cars. It’s a problem that the previous game in the series also had, but it’s still an issue. However, the racing experience is undeniably more intense and thrilling, with generous rewards for taking on high-risk challenges, which really taps into that competitive nature that many of us gamers love.

On the other hand, there’s also a ton of collectibles and side activities to keep you busy, but that can also take up a lot of your time if you’re not careful. Compared to Need for Speed Heat, the game has made some adjustments that change the experience quite a bit, like the more realistic physics for drifting. At first, I had a bit of trouble with drifting, it felt a lot different than in Heat and I found myself losing control of my car more often. But, it’s a nice change of pace. Overall, I think it’s a great addition to the NFS series.

Man, Need for Speed Unbound is a wild ride. The graphics are next level and the gameplay is totally different from the previous games in the series. It’s not perfect though, I’ve definitely noticed a bit of repetition creeping in after a while. But the unique style and experimental gameplay make it worth checking out, especially if you’re a fan of street racing. Plus, there aren’t many other games out there like it on the market right now.

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