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How to View Any YouTube Comment You’ve Ever Posted


How to View Any YouTube Comment You’ve Ever Posted

If you leave a lot of comments on YouTube, you may wish to evaluate and delete them sometimes. This is how to find Youtube comment.

If you’ve been a frequent viewer of YouTube videos, how many comments do you believe you’ve left throughout the course of your lifetime? Is it a large quantity, such as 7,000, or a handful?

If your total is near or above 7,000, the ability to evaluate and remove your comments is critical. Because we live in a fast-paced society, your thoughts will not always hold up well online. When re-read many weeks later, they might sound insulting, off-topic, or downright cringey.

Fortunately, there is a straightforward method for keeping track of the comments you make. Let’s go into a step-by-step guide on how to examine and remove your risky talks.

Youtube Comment Finder You’ve Ever Posted

  • Take a look at the YouTube home page and look for the left-hand navigation menu there. Click “History.”
  • History Type is on the right side of this screen. Select the ‘Comments‘ option and then click on the button.
  • The next thing you’ll see is a list of all the comments you’ve made on YouTube. These will be in order of when you made them, starting with the most recent ones. There are three circles when you hover over a comment that makes you cringe. To change or delete a comment, click on the icon.

Youtube Comment Finder

Those comments are out of the way. Let’s look at the ones in your live streams. To do this, go back to the History Type panel and choose “Live Chat” from the drop-down menu. Now you can go back and look at any live stream chat messages you’ve made.


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