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How to disable Microsoft Edge’s picture-in-picture control


How to disable Microsoft Edge’s picture-in-picture control

This guide will demonstrate how to disable Microsoft Edge’s image in picture control. Microsoft Edge’s most recent version now allows you to disable the obnoxious picture in picture control that appears above every video you play in the browser. The rationale for disabling it is that the majority of websites, such as YouTube, now feature the picture in picture option by default in their own video frame.

Edge developers attempted to create their own picture-in-picture option, which can be viewed on websites such as YouTube. However, it occasionally becomes stuck at the top of the video, which is bothersome. What was unexpected about it was that, until the most recent update, there was no default option to disable it. The Edge now permits deactivating it, which I will demonstrate. It will no longer show at the top of the video frame after deactivation.

How to Disable the Picture in Picture Tool in Microsoft Edge Videos?

Launch Edge and then navigate to the Settings menu. Or, more precisely, you utilize the Edge Canary, which is available for download here. even if you already have it installed, you must ensure that you have the most recent version.

Now navigate to the Cookies and site permissions area of the Edge settings and locate the Picture in picture control. When you open it, you’ll see a switch similar to the one below. Simply turn it off and you’re finished. That is all. You will no longer be able to view the image in picture option.

Thus, you may now disable Microsoft Edge’s picture in image control. I’m not sure when it’ll be added to the stable Edge channel, but you can always test it out on Edge Canary. Perhaps this will be included in the next beta release, so keep an eye out for it there as well.

Finally, if you are an Edge user seeking for a solution to disable picture in picture control for all movies, you have come to the perfect spot. Simply utilize the above-mentioned option and then disable the pip control. It’s quite simple and uncomplicated to configure, and you’ll soon be able to do so on every Edge version.

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