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11 iOS games and applications gone FREE on 13/8/2018


11 iOS games and applications gone FREE on 13/8/2018

Featured of Wallpapers & Cool Backgrounds App

The Featured Collection of more than 500k HD Wallpapers created by users for the year in Top Chart app, download for Free! Every day we aggregate Wallpapers and generate the 7 unique collections.

[appbox appstore 1203730027-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]


Battle3D 2: Iron Punch

Battle 3D through dangerous aliens become the Hero! Fast paced 3D Shooting action, Battle3D 2: Iron Punch – on your iPhone.

[appbox appstore 510977626-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]


Bubble Tower 2

Bubble Tower 2 – Popping the tower of bubbles to land the blue box on the green platform below.

[appbox appstore 467911477-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]


Glow Doodle !!

Glow Doodle!!” is an easy-to-use painting tool with beautiful graphics and fabulous features! There’s no limits of what you can create with this app. Start from doodling, you can draw special particle effects with colorful glowing lights

[appbox appstore 684548447-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]


Tiny Words Spelling Game

Download Tiny Words for your Kinder, First or Second grader and start learning sight words in a fun and exciting way.

[appbox appstore 1099504961-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]


Dinosaur Paradise – My Dino AR

Dinosaur Paradise is an augmented reality game where you can see lifelike dinosaurs with your device camera and interact with them. See life-size dinosaurs and bring those monsters to your world to create fun and interesting photos and videos.

[appbox appstore 1366210432-iphone oldprice=”$1.99″]


Scan My Document – PDF Scanner

Scan My Document has made my business trips so much smoother. Scanning documents is so easy. I even threw out the scanner I had at my home office. This app is a game changer!

[appbox appstore 1273350995-iphone oldprice=”$4.99″]


Pocket Glasses PRO.

Pocket Glasses app solves all these problems once and for all! Easily changed that tiny blurry text into clear and readable text with zoom and flashlight built-in features.

[appbox appstore 1046480662-iphone oldprice=”$1.99″]


Measuring Tape AR

Measuring Tape AR is an innovative utility app that uses augmented reality (AR) to redefine the way of measuring things.

[appbox appstore 1297209973-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]



Add fun 3D emoji, text, GIFs and more to your world and take photos & videos to share with friends.

[appbox appstore 1271485980-iphone oldprice=”$1.99″]


Meo: Your real AR avatar

AR is growing, and avatars are becoming a thing. This is a fun new way to express yourself. And it’s important that your avatar can *really* be you. Your real face. Your real emotions. Your real voice. Your real skin.

[appbox appstore 1323573171-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]

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