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8 new iOS FREE games and applications on 13/8/2018


8 new iOS FREE games and applications on 13/8/2018

Castle Burn

In Castle Burn, you will become master of your own army and lead your troops into battle against others in the Crown League. Construct camps and mana sanctums as you expand your territory, and utilize all the cards in your hand to eliminate those who stand between you and the crown! You say you’ve never played a game like this before? Not to worry! Anyone can come out on top in the league and claim the throne for their own!

[appbox appstore 1215153329-iphone]


Zombie Beach Party

Get down with the undead in Zombie Beach Party, the game that takes frantic arcade fun, adds a dash of zombie magic, and serves it all up party-style!

[appbox appstore 1360420882-iphone]


Sneak Ops

Sneak Ops is a strategic, stealth based action game where the goal is to not get caught! Do you accept the mission?

[appbox appstore 1371039100-iphone]


Crashy Football!

Kick the egg as far as you can and earn some free bonus coins. When the ball is on fire, it will destroy smaller objects like cars. How far will you get?

[appbox appstore 1407372899-iphone]


Artistry Beauty App

Smart facial detection gives you the most true-to-life makeup application in real-time or on selfie photos. Mix and match different makeup and beauty products to find the perfect look for every occasion.

[appbox appstore 1308841515-iphone]


Poppinz Family Organizer

Poppinz keeps your busy family life organized. With your family calendar, your personal calendar, shopping lists, contacts and more, you will never miss any family event anymore.

[appbox appstore 1409686723-iphone]


Balls Dash-super slime blast

Slime’s lover was taken away by the demon king. Angry Slime broke out and helped it defeat the king of the devil and take away his lover.

[appbox appstore 1407700305-iphone]


Steven Universe: Tap Together

Team up with your friends to protect the temple in Tap Together, an unforgettable RPG starring all of your favorite Steven Universe characters.

[appbox appstore 1350119167-iphone]

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