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How to download Polyball FREE on Steam


How to download Polyball FREE on Steam

Polyball is a great game on Steam. The game costs $14.99 but is free until the end of May 1, 2020.

Polyball is a walking game with many elements related to physics. If you’ve played Super Monkey Ball before, you’ll find this game to be the same, but there are some more factors like Mart Kart. The game has over 60 levels.

Your task in each level is simply to finish, of course on the road there will be many challenges waiting for you. Polyball supports Steam Workshop so both online and local multiplayer.

With the global ranking integrated right in the level selection menu and pregame screen, you can see your ranking position. If you’re more interested in defeating your friends, see the rankings for friends only. Try to surpass your friends.

To download the game, you must first register for a Steam account (free) if you do not already have and confirm your registration by email. If you already have an account, please log in. Then and the Polyball store page address here.

Click the Add to Account button in the middle of the screen and receive a  Success! Will Glow the Wisp is now registered to your account on Steam  to update the game’s copyright to the Steam account! You can then download Steam Launcher to install the game and experience the game.

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