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How to download the game for free on Epic Games Store


How to download the game for free on Epic Games Store

Every week, Epic Games Store gives you 1-2 free games, so how to download free games here when Epic recently started requiring users to turn on 2-factor passwords to receive free games.

Very simple, to set up a two-layer password, users must log into the Epic Games Store with an Epic account (free registration), and then go into the settings to set up the two-layer password.

Or when you get to the free game, you will receive a notice as below:

Click the ENABLE TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION button to enter the Settings page.

You can turn on two-layer verification in three ways: via the Authenticator application, via SMS and via Email. I think using email is convenient, please click on the ENABLE EMAIL AUTHENTICATION option .

An email containing the activation code will be sent via your email, please check your email and fill it out.

When you receive the above message, you have activated successfully.

You can download the game for free on the Epic Games Store.

Having a two-layer password will enable extra security to prevent your account from being compromised if you ever lose your password.

The latest game currently available for free on Epic Games Store is For the King. After logging in, simply search for the game name and click the GET > PLACE ORDER button to finish.

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