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What is ChatGPT Plugins?

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What is ChatGPT Plugins?

What is ChatGPT Plugins?

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has recently announced support for ChatGPT plugins. This update extends the capabilities of the AI chat companion, unlocking access to data, computations, and third-party services. Plugin support is gradually rolling out to ChatGPT, and interested developers can sign up for a waitlist to gain access to the functionality.

Plugins are designed specifically for language models and safety is a core principle. OpenAI has published documentation for developers, explaining the core concepts behind ChatGPT plugins and how they are created and integrated into the service. The initial set of plugins adds services such as Expedia, KAYAK, and Wolfram to ChatGPT.

Some plugins are commercial in nature and extend ChatGPT’s capabilities. The OpenTable plugin, for example, extends the already existing restaurant recommendation feature with an option to book a table easily at one of the listed restaurants. Klarna Shopping and Shop provide product searches and price comparison features, which lead to online shopping sites where the products can be purchased.

Speak, another available plugin, improves the language tutoring capabilities of ChatGPT by enabling it to pronounce words, phrases, or text. Access to Wolfram gives ChatGPT access to real-time data, and OpenTable integrates restaurant recommendations and direct booking links into ChatGPT.

While many of the initial plugins have commercial intent, other capabilities may extend ChatGPT in other ways. For example, a user can search for Oscar winners in certain categories, and ChatGPT uses web searches to return the correct results.

Plugins are being rolled out gradually to study their real-world use, impact, and safety and alignment challenges. OpenAI is committed to ensuring that the use of plugins does not compromise ChatGPT’s safety or alignment.

In conclusion, the introduction of ChatGPT plugins is a logical step for OpenAI, extending the functionality of the service significantly. It unlocks access to data and computations that would otherwise not be available to the AI. While many plugins have commercial intent, there will also be plugins that extend ChatGPT in other ways. This is an exciting update for ChatGPT users and developers, and we can expect more plugins to be added in the future.

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