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AI-Generated Content on Bing: Knowledgegraph 2.0 and Stories

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AI-Generated Content on Bing: Knowledgegraph 2.0 and Stories

AI-Generated Content on Bing: Knowledgegraph 2.0 and Stories

Microsoft’s Bing search engine is taking the next step in its AI-powered services by introducing AI-generated content to its search results. The update brings two new features to Bing Search: Knowledgegraph 2.0 and Stories.

Knowledgegraph 2.0 is a module displayed to the right of the organic search results. It expands on the already-existing Knowledgegraph by providing additional content, such as facts, image-based timelines, polls, actions, and related topics. A search for Edinburgh, for example, may include AI-generated information that provides a timeline of important events.

Stories, on the other hand, provide users with bite-sized information through text, images, video, and audio. A story consists of multiple slides, each with a sentence or two of text and audio or visual content. Bing automatically switches slides and there is an option to listen to the information by toggling the mute icon at the top of the Stories module.

Both features are integrated into the organic search results, so users do not have to select Bing Chat to communicate with the AI. However, information that comes from AI needs to be verified, as AI has provided factually incorrect information in the past.

The new features are currently available for a limited number of topics, but Microsoft may expand them in the future. While Stories provide a quick rundown on certain topics, it is clear that they do not work for every subject. For example, a search for a restaurant or another store, unless iconic, might be examples where Stories comes to its limits. On the other hand, Stories could be expanded to provide information about a specific gadget, such as the latest iPhone or Samsung smartphone, directly on the Bing Search page.

Microsoft is likely rolling these features out slowly to gather feedback and avoid making costly mistakes. It remains to be seen how users will respond to these new AI-generated content bits on Bing.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s latest update to Bing Search represents another step forward in the evolution of AI-powered services. While the new features are currently limited in scope, they offer a glimpse of what’s possible with AI-generated content. As AI technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see more advanced and sophisticated features integrated into search engines like Bing, which will ultimately enhance the search experience for users.

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