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When sick, should you work from home or take a day off?


When sick, should you work from home or take a day off?

Just because you can work from home when you’re sick doesn’t mean you should.

If the only things you can do when you’re sick are go to the office or call, you should take a day off if you have an illness that can spread. But since so many of us can now work from home when we can’t get to the office, the choice is a little harder to make.

This is also true for people who always work from home. These people tell me this when I can’t decide if I should really take a day off or if I should get up and put something like a date into my computer. work or not. But this is mostly an issue for each person. If you’re sick, it goes without saying that you deserve a break. Here are the questions you should answer to see if you’re right.

Do you feel hot?

There are many symptoms, like a mild runny nose, that don’t always make it hard to work (just bring some tissues handy). But if you have a fever, you need to stay in bed the whole time.

Should you work from home when you’re sick or take a day off? first

If you have a fever, your body will want to give up and go to sleep. You won’t get much done if you act like that. Even if your fever comes and goes, it’s likely to come back before the end of the day, so you won’t be at your best.

Do your symptoms show up above or below your neck?

This is how runners do things, but I think it works here as well. Runners say you can work out if your symptoms are just above the neck (snoring, stuffy nose), but you should stay home if your symptoms go below the neck (lung edema, swelling, fever, muscle aches, body fatigue).

Will you really get things done?

Let’s ask another question: What would a day at work look like if you decided to do it? Yes, that sounds like a good work-from-home day if you’re sitting at your desk and mostly feeling fine, but every now and then you need a tissue.

What will you do today?

This is the last question because I think it will cause the most worry. Can you do something fun, like watch TV, when you have a cold? If you can go to the store and buy cough medicine, does that mean you should work instead?

If you need a break, you should take one. When you want to rest, you can watch TV or read a book. If you don’t have anyone around to buy you medicine and make soup, you can still go grocery shopping on your own (remember to wear a mask).

Asking yourself where you will be working is a good rule of thumb. If the only way you can see yourself working is if you bring your laptop to bed, you should stay in bed and turn off your laptop.

On the other hand, if you think, “I’m going to spend the whole day working on the book I’m writing” or “It’s time to do some yard work,” you’re not really sick. work, but maybe you need a mental break because you’re too tired.

That’s all fine and good, but you should ask yourself a different set of questions.

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