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5 rules that will hurt your career


5 rules that will hurt your career

As an example of a psychological rule, let’s say that at the beginning of a movie, the main character is a hero, but by the end of the movie, he or she has turned into a bad guy. The audience will definitely not like that movie. Throw bricks at the screen until it breaks. On the other hand, if the main character starts out as the bad guy, but then changes his mind and joins up with a group of good people, the audience will cheer wildly.

So, as a newcomer, you need to learn how to handle what other people expect of you and not let those expectations carry you away. “Do half, eat twice” will only work if you do that.

So, what should a newbie do in detail? Please pay attention to the following five unspoken rules:

First, don’t be in a hurry to show your whole personality, and don’t try your best. It’s best to only put in 70% of your effort at first, and then slowly increase it, so it will create for the people around you. surprise. Keeping people’s expectations at 9/10 points is a good way to get tired and lose stamina over time.

Second, don’t be in a hurry to say what you think. Instead, think carefully before you speak. If you don’t know how the workplace works or what it’s like, you should be quiet and learn, not be stubborn and ask the students to explain everything. Don’t try to “conquer” Jiangshan with ideas and logic, and don’t go to the mountains to beg for fish. Instead, you should study and research first, and build yourself up step by step.

Third, new employees shouldn’t be eager to succeed quickly, and they shouldn’t expect the company to give them a quick result. This is not a good idea at all. It doesn’t work and can even go wrong. The old rule is that it doesn’t increase sex speed.

Fourth, don’t be quick to dismiss the ideas of the person before you. If you do, it will be easy to upset other people. When we take on a job, we often want to do it differently or find a better, more advanced way to do it because we want to show who we are quickly. This kind of behavior makes it easy for bosses and coworkers to get mad at you. Your coworkers might think you like to show off, so they’ll avoid you over time. If all of your coworkers look down on you and stop talking to you, then right away. No one can help you, not even the leader.

Fifth, you have to “learn to play the piano with all your fingers” so that the work doesn’t get more and more chaotic and tiring, and you don’t have to keep waking up your tired spirit every day. It’s important to slow down the pace of work and stop thinking that you have to be quick to succeed. Work should be done regularly and step by step, and people shouldn’t get in the way.

In short, when you go to work, you should learn and think more, be humble, save money, and know how to consult with an open and friendly mind. You should also get rid of the mentality of hurry and the desire to succeed quickly, and you should know how to build up energy to make progress that lasts.

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