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What does IPX8 water resistance mean?


What does IPX8 water resistance mean?

A gadget with an IPX8 grade can survive prolonged water immersion. Manufacturers specify the testing conditions for IPX8, although they’re always more rigorous than for IPX7. An IPX8 waterproof gadget may be immersed for 30 minutes in water deeper than 1m (typically up to 3m/9.8ft).

In most circumstances, an IPX8 waterproof speaker may be used while taking a shower without being harmed. Note, however, that if a gadget is IPX7/IPX8 waterproof, it does not necessarily have to be resistant to water jets or splashes. So, an IPX8 waterproof item need not be IPX6 water-resistant. It is not a rule, but it is possible. If a gadget is certified as both IPX6 water-resistant and IPX8 waterproof, you will see both ratings represented as IPX6/IPX8 in the specifications list. Almost definitely, this type of item will be employed in the shower.


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