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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 waterproof? IP rating?


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 waterproof? IP rating?

Samsung’s Z Fold 3 included a new “Armor Aluminum” frame coating and IPX8 water resistance. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 retains these characteristics. Samsung says its “Armor Aluminum” is stronger, although the Z Fold 3’s IPX8 certification is the same.

What does this signifier? A device’s IP (Ingress Protection) rating indicates the established degree of protection against dust and fluids. These are indicated by two digits. For an IPX8, which has only one number, this indicates that the gadget is not dust-resistant but is water-resistant. The “8” rating indicates that the item can resist immersion in water deeper than one meter (3.2 ft). This implies that if you drop the Galaxy Z Fold 4 into a swimming pool or a sink full of water and retrieve it within a reasonable length of time, you should expect it to remain undamaged. This indicates that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is resistant to water.

Note that no phone is waterproof, and the same holds true in this instance. Despite having an official rating, it is important to note that phone warranties do not cover water damage, so you should avoid plunging the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in water on purpose. Consider the Fold 4’s IP classification as a precaution against heavy rain and accidental submersion, not as an open invitation to submerge it on purpose. Due to the lack of dust resistance, you may choose to purchase a case to safeguard your investment.

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