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ImgFlip is an additional free website that offers an online chart creation tool. This may be used to create Donut, Pie, and Bar charts.

The procedure is easy for anyone to execute. Not even a data spreadsheet exists. Instead, you may just add each slice individually to the chart. Then, you can add the portion of each slice or adjust the portion using the slider provided. In addition to the slider, you have the ability to select a slice color.

You may also alter the color of the backdrop and the text. There is nothing else to do here. The result is a PNG image of the chart along with a link to share it. There is a little watermark in the lower left corner of the image.

How can I create a donut diagram online with ImgFlip?

  • Utilize the following link to access the Chart Maker on the ImgFlip website.
  • Choose the Donut chart type from the chart options.
  • Add the chart’s title, followed by data-filled chart slices. Or use sliders to set the percentage of the slice.
  • Choose colors for individual slices, as well as background and text color.
  • Click the Create Chart button to obtain the chart image.


  • Templates: This website provides a template for Donut, Pie, and Bar charts.
  • It generates a flat, two-dimensional donut chart with a live preview.
  • Options for Input: Add data for each value.
  • Option to select a color for each individual data item, text, and backdrop.
  • Text Options: Only chart title.
  • Additional Options: There are no additional options.
  • The output is a PNG and a Share Link.
  • Paid Features: Watermark Removal.

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