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LiveGap is an online chart generator that allows you to create eleven distinct types of charts. It provides more than fifty customizable templates for creating charts. The “Doughnut Chart” chart option allows for the creation of donut charts.

When this option is selected, a random 2D donut chart is displayed on the screen. You can then add your data to the graphic. There are two data addition possibilities. It contains a data spreadsheet to which you can immediately input chart data. Or, you may import data from a CSV file. When you do so, the chart and legend are generated. On the right side of the chart are numerous possibilities for customizing its design. This includes altering the chart and legend’s colors, backgrounds, margins, positions, paddings, formats, and fonts.

You can also add a chart’s title, subtitle, and other content. Lastly, it is possible to animate the chart. Rotate and Scale are the two available animations. The animation steps and ease option can be adjusted accordingly. This allows you to create an excellent donut chart. Regarding export choices, the chart can be saved as an image or video. Choosing the video option is mandatory if the chart has animation. In such a circumstance, you may also choose the animation’s speed. There is a small text watermark at the bottom center of the chart you create. It is a straightforward text-based watermark that does not appear intrusive. However, you can eliminate this restriction with a subscription account that offers animated HTML export.

How can I create an online donut chart using LiveGap?

  • A direct link to the LiveGap website is provided below.
  • Click “Make Your Chart” and select “Doughnut Chart” from the options presented.
  • Add the data from your chart to the spreadsheet at the bottom of the screen.
  • Configure the customisation options using the right-side panel.
  • Once complete, click “Save” underneath the chart.
  • Select “Image” or “Video” when prompted, then save the chart.


  • This website provides 50+ templates for 11 different sorts of charts.
  • It generates a flat, two-dimensional donut chart with a live preview.
  • Add/Paste spreadsheet data and CSV import are among the input options.
  • Customize the colors, background, font, style, and format of a chart.
  • Customize the legend’s margin, position, spacing, and font.
  • Text Options: Include Title, Subtitle, and other text.
  • Additional Options: Options to add chart rotation and/or scaling motion.
  • Output: PNG, MP4 & CSV.
  • Paid Features: Remove Watermark, Premium Charts and Fonts, Animated HTML Export, etc.

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