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ImageOnline provides a graph generator that includes a donut chart generator. This basic program produces extremely attractive charts. Creating the chart is as simple as adding slices and their values.

Additionally, you can select distinct colors for each chart slice. You can create a 2D or 3D chart and choose the value to display on it. The legend is added to the bottom of the chart. However, you can also alter the legend’s location and text color. Also selectable are the backdrop color, text color, font face, and font size. This utility provides a PNG image of the graph that may be immediately downloaded with any watermark or account.

How can I create a donut diagram on ImageOnline?

  • Utilize the provided link to access Graph Maker on the ImageOnline service.
  • Choose the Donut Chart maker from the panel on the side.
  • Adjust the chart’s legend location, legend text color, background color, text color, font face, and font size.
  • Choose the chart type (2D or 3D) and the data to display on the chart.
  • Then, add the required number of slices along with the data to the chart. Choose a distinct color to represent each slice in the pie chart.
  • Click the Download option at the bottom of the page to save the chart as a PNG image.


  • This website provides only one template for the Donut chart.
  • Type of Chart: IT is able to generate flat 2D and 3D donut charts with real-time previews.
  • Input Options: Add data slice by slice.
  • Option to select a color for each individual data item, text, and backdrop.
  • Option to select the legend’s position and text color.
  • None of the text options are available.
  • Additional Options: There are no additional options.
  • Output: PNG.

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