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Microsoft Edge gets an Xbox tab page.


Microsoft Edge gets an Xbox tab page.

Today, Microsoft is revealing many new gaming-centric features for Edge and Windows 11. Among these is a brand-new tab page for Edge that focuses solely on Xbox gaming; in fact, this is one of the few truly new features. Many of today’s announcements are repetitions of previously announced features, but many of them are not yet ready.

Beginning with the new tab page, it is essentially a hub for anything Xbox-related. It will essentially appear as a new section on the existing new tab page, surfacing information about upcoming game releases, games you’ve recently played, game tournaments, and live streams that you may be interested in watching. Using cloud gaming, you can also instantly access games you were playing recently.

Clarity Boost, a function that improves the image quality of cloud games on the fly, will also be available to you if you play cloud games with Microsoft Edge. Edge offers an efficiency mode that conserves system resources while a game is running, ensuring a fluid gaming experience when playing games locally. A second feature that is currently available is the Games menu accessible via the sidebar in Edge. This provides rapid access to web-based Microsoft games such as Minesweeper and Solitaire.

Regarding Windows 11’s new features, there will soon be a Game Pass widget in the Widgets panel. This will allow you to explore available Game Pass titles and make it easy to begin playing them immediately. In addition, there is the new Controller bar, a redesigned version of the Xbox game bar that is optimized for use with Xbox controllers. This makes launching games with an Xbox controller easier.

Microsoft is also developing a new HDR calibration software so you can get the greatest HDR experience from your monitor, and optimizations for windowed games are next. This will allow windowed games to take advantage of features such as variable refresh rate and Auto HDR, which are often exclusive to full-screen games. This functionality is included in Windows 11 version 22H2, which is expected to be publicly accessible within the next several months.


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