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Textomap: Web app and Chrome extension create dynamic maps


Textomap: Web app and Chrome extension create dynamic maps

Textomap is a Web software and Chrome plugin that generates dynamic maps from text and locations in seconds. Edit and save these maps.

If you use the Chrome Extension, you may view the source text and the produced map in the same tab, enhancing your reading experience.

The text might be a news item, your field trip, your holiday plans, information about certain historical locations, and much more. All location references in the text will be dynamically and seamlessly shown on the map.

Maps have always provided us with vital information and a clear and concise image of several topics. The incorporation of such maps into papers enriches the reading experience of readers and provides a more comprehensive context. Nonetheless, it is crucial that these maps remain dynamic, as a snapshot provides little information. You may also utilize Google Maps to mark every desired site, although doing so will be time-consuming and laborious.

Textomap simplifies this procedure for us by quickly and easily producing the interactive map from all the geographical references you supply. After the map has been produced, it may be altered and stored for later use. To save the map, you must Sign in with your Google or Facebook account.

I used a few paragraphs with places to test the Textomap online application and was amazed by the resulting map.

How to use Textomap

  1. Go to TextoMap. Download the Chrome Extension.
  2. Type or paste the locations in ‘Source Text’ and click ‘Create Map’
  3. In a few seconds, your text’s geographical references will be highlighted and presented on an interactive map.
  4. Mouse-over any Map location to view it in the text. When you hover over a text place, the map pans and highlights it.
  5. Clicking on a place brings up a pop-up where you may remove it or read more about it in Wikipedia.
  6. Click ‘Edit Text’ to edit source text. After editing text, click ‘Update Map’ to rebuild the map.
  7. Click the top-right icon to link all the sites with lines.

Source text can have unlimited places. Multiple places are shown on the map, providing you the big picture and better knowledge of the issue.

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