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Social Space: Open source software to side-by-side open social media applications


Social Space: Open source software to side-by-side open social media applications

Social Space is free and open source software for side-by-side social networking app viewing. Here, you may access Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Telegram in one frame.

This app lets you log into your social network accounts and minimize them. When needed, open it and send a message or remark.

Wavebox and Franz are similar programs. This one is open source and free. Programmers can add to its source code on GitHub. You can only open 3 applications at once. You can do everything you want in web view.

This program helps categorizing work spaces. Separate workplaces if you prefer various social networking applications at work and home. You can launch work and home apps with a click. Popular social networking applications are pinned to its sidebar, but you may add your own.

How to use Social Space

  1. Download it here. After extracting the ZIP, double-click SocialSpace.exe. It requires Dot Net Core Desktop runtime, available here. Launch it to see its primary interface.
  2. All the default social networking applications are pinned to the sidebar.
  3. Open the programs you need and discard the others. So easy! The software loads in a mobile-sized pane, and you may publish whatever you want. You can open numerous instances of the same program.
  4. Click the “+” symbol in the sidebar to add a custom app, then enter the URL. Entering the URL adds the program to the workspace.
  5. This app lets you establish various workspaces for different events. Save workspace is top right.

This simple open source program lets you access many social network accounts in one window. It uses less memory than launching applications in browser tabs. It’s a lightweight program that fits on a flash drive.

Social Space is a great personal and professional app. Especially in Digital Marketing. This gives you access to social networking apps.

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