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TECHSAMA Google Slides add-on for creating prototypes, mockups,…

Tips Google Slides add-on for creating prototypes, mockups,… is a free add-on for Google Slides that allows you to effortlessly build prototypes, mockups, and product features for their websites and apps. Share your Slide or PDF to test mockups and prototypes with actual users.

In addition to Google Slides, offers Prototyping, Diagrams, Architecture, Post-it Notes, Shared Whiteboard, and more.

After installation, the Addon appears as a sidebar of Tools and Templates accessible by anybody without coding experience.’s Libraries offer templates, icons, pictures, movies, and more for designing and prototyping. It also lets you construct a library of custom templates and design components to reuse common content and maintain brand consistency. lets you add these design elements to Google Slides utilizing the sidebar (see attached screenshot). Some instances are given.

  1. Tools: Layout, Shape tools, Text translation and more
  2. Shapes: Notes, Cloud, Ecosystem, Technology, People etc.
  3. Connectors: Simple / Advanced connectors
  4. Media and Maps: Icons, Photos, Videos and Maps
  5. Mockups & Prototypes: Devices, Modules, Screens and more
  6. Templates: Presentations & Proposals, Architecture & Roadmaps, Culture & Collaboration etc.

How to use

  1. Go to the Download and install the Google Slides Add-on.
  2. Click Slide, then New Google, then click ‘Open’ This opens the Add-sidebar.
  3. Click the horizontal bar icon to add components and features.
  4. Click on icons, connections, images, prototypes, etc. to add them to the current slide.
  5. To access instructional and training videos, click on the hamburger symbol (3 lines) on the sidebar.

Google Slides automatically saves your work, but you may click the ‘Save’ icon to save it manually. By default, your presentation (GSuite) stores all necessary data that can be synced between slides. You may also use’s Beta Feature to store data to a secure graph database for easy synchronization across different slides and presentations. To keep your data, click ‘Shape Data’ under ‘Tools’ is a free Google Slides Add-on that speeds up prototype and mockup design. Sharing your presentation or PDF lets your team participate in design. It offers great design and collaboration features.

Before you start the installation, make sure you’re logged into your Google Account.

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