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Checklisty: free SaaS User Onboarding Software


Checklisty: free SaaS User Onboarding Software

Checklisty is a free online user onboarding software that allows you build and track user onboarding checklists (tasks). It also allows you to test different incentives to see what drives people to accomplish activities.

These checklists assist consumers in completing tasks and earning rewards such as discounts, trial extensions, and more. Users are more inclined to behave if they understand what would happen next, according to authentic study. Thus, if users are presented with a well-defined sequence of stages, each with a reward for completion, user engagement and onboarding will be seamless, with shorter reaction times and increased product uptake.

Once the Checklists are complete, you may construct and connect the tasks, as well as provide the conditional triggers that will cause them to execute. Finally, you may use Webhook to publish your checklist and incorporate it in your application. This is a simple API that enables one-way data transfer across programs when certain events occur.

Additionally, you can utilize Checklisty to determine precisely where consumers dropped off throughout the onboarding process and re-engage them. This significantly increases trial conversion and streamlines the onboarding process.

Checklisty has several useful elements that simplify and engage the onboarding process.

  • The setup is quite straightforward and quick. Even the Advanced Setup does not require a high level of coding ability. You may begin the onboarding process in as little as five minutes.
  • You may track all actions associated with task completion and reward users for completing key ones that may be critical for onboarding. This enables you to determine which tasks have the lowest completion rates and to improve their incentives in order to boost their completion percentage.
  • You may reward all of your users for completing their onboarding activities by extending their trial durations, offering discount vouchers and coupons, and a variety of other methods. This is accomplished through integration with Stripe, a business-focused online payment processing platform.
  • You may enable users to view the Onboarding support videos and documentation immediately from any location, enhancing their experience.

How to use Checklisty

  1. Go to Checklisty and create a new account.
  2. Create a checklist by selecting ‘Create Checklist‘.
  3. Name your Onboarding checklist, choose a template, and click ‘Create‘ to open the ‘Content‘ page of your checklist editor.
  4. Click ‘Edit‘ and enter the ‘Checklist Completion Message‘ and the checklist expires date.
  5. Click on ‘Add Step’ and add all the events associated with the checklist, such as ‘Create your first account’, ‘Configure your account’, ‘Launch your first campaign’ etc. Each event should have a name and a ‘Event code‘. The name you provide the ‘Event code’ will be utilized in the front-end code in the tracking function.
  6. For each Step, click ‘More‘, input the ‘Navigation Link‘, and enable ‘Monitor on Click‘ to track the Event. You may also include a YouTube video link to assist the user.
  7. After adding all essential steps, click ‘Save‘.
  8. Click the ‘Customize‘ option to alter your template’s colors, buttons, and more.
  9. Click ‘Set‘ to integrate Webhook and Stripe into your app and activate and configure task
  10. Click ‘Publish‘ and input the URL to activate the Checklist. To publish your Checklist, choose from ‘Simple Setup‘ or ‘Advanced Setup‘. Simple Setup works right out of the box and provides pre-configured Widget code for your website. Advanced Setup takes some front-end code.

Checklisty is a robust tool for creating and performing Onboarding Checklists. The job tracking and incentivization tools assist firms enhance user engagement and provide a pleasant onboarding experience for clients. Checklisty is also unique in that it helps enhance trail conversion by recognizing user drop-offs during the Onboarding process and retargeting them.

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