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Calligraphr: Font-ify Your Handwriting


Calligraphr: Font-ify Your Handwriting

Calligraphr (past: MyScriptFont) allows you to design fonts from your handwriting. You may even build a fresh design for each letter of the alphabet, convert it into a typeface, and use it for all future work. Start with a marker or felt-tip pen and a scanner.

Download Template from Calligraphr

To begin, navigate to Calligraphr and download the template. The template is just a series of lines onto which you may transfer your handwriting or other works prior to converting them to typefaces.


Following that, using a black marker, write out the letters and numerals in your own way. Dark blue is also acceptable. It is critical to use a felt pen rather than a standard ballpoint pen, or the text will not appear properly.

When finished, scan the template at a resolution of 150dpi or 300dpi.

The template should be scanned in grayscale and in the ‘portrait’ orientation in one of the following formats: JPG, TIFF, or PNG. The file size should be no more than 2MB or no more than 60009000. (pixels).

Upload your New Font

Your scanned typefaces can be uploaded to the Calligraphr website.

You may name your typeface and specify its format: TFF, OTF, or SVG. When you’re through configuring the options, click ‘Send file’ and wait for the file to load.

Once the font has been converted, you may download it to your computer.

Font Installation

Before you can use your typeface, it must be installed.

For Windows, navigate to the ‘Control Panel‘ and type ‘Fonts‘. Simply copy and paste the font you just downloaded into the ‘Fonts’ folder.

You may then utilize your handwritten font by selecting it by its name from within your programs. Our not-too-shabby typeface is seen below.

This technique may be used to generate nearly any type of new typeface, not only scribbles of your own handwriting. Create sci-fi typefaces, gothic and horror fonts, headlines, and expressions of your love for cartoons and comics.

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