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What is Samsung’s Vision Booster feature?


What is Samsung’s Vision Booster feature?

The new Galaxy S22 series phones from Samsung offer excellent screens. They all seem to have amazing displays on paper. These smartphone screens offer it all: high-resolution panels, variable refresh rate support, and more. But one new feature sticks out this time: Vision Booster. So, what is Samsung Vision Booster and how does it operate on the Galaxy S22?

What is Samsung’s Vision Booster feature?

As you’re undoubtedly well aware, Vision Booster is the standout feature that Samsung is promoting with its new screens. This function dynamically changes the color tones on the screen to improve the visuals in direct sunlight. Samsung recognizes that simply boosting white’s peak brightness is insufficient to increase vision in bright circumstances. Additionally, Vision Booster works on the mid-tones and shadows, adjusting their proportions to guarantee that the images or videos are adequately viewable.

Apart from just raising the peak brightness, Samsung’s Vision Booster technology takes control of tone mapping in sunshine to give the greatest viewing experience. While Vision Booster is activated only when the phone is in direct sunlight, the Galaxy S22 phones employ the same concepts for other parts of the display. Additionally, the screen contrast is adjusted to the screen’s brightness and the surrounding environment to ensure that everything remains visible.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that even with Vision Booster active, color fidelity remains rather acceptable. This is particularly noteworthy in light of the feature’s ability to increase color brightness and dynamically adjust the system’s gamma.

While the Vision Booster function is remarkable, it does have some drawbacks. Because Vision Booster calculates which portions of the display to enhance using a low-resolution histogram map, it introduces significant posterization. This results in a sudden shift in tone, which may make certain situations appear strange. Additionally, the Vision Booster feature is disabled or set to “Adaptive” when the Eye comfort shield feature is engaged.

Additionally, the fact that Vision Booster is available only above 50,000 lux is a letdown, since it needs the display to be exposed to direct sunlight. It would have been preferable to have this option active when the display is set to around 2,000 lux. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and it automatically goes off when the phone senses that the display is less than 20,000 lux. This and a few other faults are discussed in length in our extensive Galaxy S22 Plus display review, so be sure to check it out. Our display review goes into detail regarding Vision Booster and numerous other features of the display, and we strongly encourage you to read it if you’re interested in learning more about the displays on this year’s Galaxy S22 series phones.

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