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Download GCAM on any Android device


Download GCAM on any Android device

Google CAM (GCam) is one of the greatest camera applications for Android. Here’s how to download and install GCAM on any Android smartphone.

Smartphone cameras shine after processing. Even though every smartphone maker has their own method, Google may be one of the finest at post-processing. The Pixel brand of the American computer giant is notable for image processing.

What sets GCAM apart from other camera programs is its unequaled ability to post-process photographs. They were able to do this through clever programming, allowing them to reuse the same camera sensors across three generations of Pixel smartphones. Any aficionado of smartphones would agree that Pixel devices are the greatest for photography.

Download & Install GCAM on any Android device

GCAM is the acronym for the hack that delivers the Google Camera application to non-Pixel handsets.

These mods were created for certain brands and models of cellphones, and it appears that developers are pursuing a new direction. Numerous developers are attempting to create a generic mod that can be put on any Android smartphone without rooting it.

While the mod works well on any device, we recommend a mid-range or premium smartphone for optimal performance. We’ll walk you through the process of downloading GCAM 8.4.

But first, here are the app’s primary features.

What’s new about version 8.4 of GCAM?

  • Bug patches are crucial for an app’s effective operation, and Google has been routinely upgrading the program. Additionally, the GCAM mod you are going to download will include these tweaks and fixes.
  • AUX mode with button detection has been added. Additionally, you may access additional controls via the Advanced menu.
  • Corrects for glitches and abnormalities that occur while moving between modes.
  • The version you’re about to download has been thoroughly tested on the devices listed below.
  • However, we believe it would be compatible with any Android smartphone.
  • The majority of OnePlus users will have no issues running the app.
  • The app has been tested on the Samsung S range, starting with the S8, and everything appears to be working perfectly.
  • Additionally, the app has been tested on devices from Poco, Xiaomi, and Asus. However, as previously said, it should work on the majority of Android devices.
  • As we’re sure you’re aware, Android 10 is a must for GCAM. As a result, ensure that your smartphone is running Android 10 or above. However, no one will prevent you from installing it on an older Android smartphone.

Download GCAM 8.4

  • Visit the official GCAM forum to obtain the most up-to-date version. Bear in mind that the APK is in beta, and do not be surprised by the abundance of issues.
  • Once the APK file has been downloaded, open it. You may be prompted to permit installation from Unknown sources. Permit it if you wish to continue with the installation.
  • Allow for the completion of the installation. Once completed, reopen the app.
  • You may test out previous device-specific versions of the GCAM app by clicking here.

Ascertain if your device is compatible with the camera2.API. It must be enabled for the app to work properly. If you’re not sure what it is, you may check to see if your smartphone supports it by downloading applications from the Play Store.

Additional information about the APK you’re about to download and install on your device may be found on this BSG page.

If you’re wondering what the GCAM has to offer above native camera applications, here are a few highlights.


You may use this setting to photograph stars and planets. You can get some stunning images of the night sky, but patience is required in these settings.

Video Recording in High Definition

Many people are passionate about video recording, and Google excels at it on other Android devices. If your hardware is capable, you can now take high-resolution movies using the GCAM app.

HDR driven by AI

HDR is a fantastic technology in and of itself, and Google is attempting to push it to new heights. Thanks to Google’s AI and machine learning capabilities, you can now capture the finest details.

There are reports that a significant upgrade for the Pixel smartphones is on the horizon. The camera is almost certainly going to be a critical component of that upgrade. We expect that GCAM developers will be on the lookout for the next best thing from Google. Until then, our best course of action is to adhere to GCAM 8.4.

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