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How to watch multiple YouTube videos together


How to watch multiple YouTube videos together

A free online platform that provides an index of news channels, as well as the ability to view up to a maximum of nine channels at the same time on a single screen, is VidGrid.

What is VidGrid?

You may use this application to follow important events such as elections, massive protests, international crises, and other major news events as they are covered by major news organizations, and to create the atmosphere of a traditional newsroom in the comfort of your own home. The availability of several channels also allows you to obtain a more diverse range of viewpoints from other media outlets rather than being limited to one side of the story.

When VidGrid is first installed, it gives four channels, which may be raised or lowered to 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, or 9 channels by clicking on the “plus” or “minus” icons located on the side bar. In response to changing the number of channels, the cells on the screen dynamically enlarge and reorganize themselves to provide you with the best possible presentation.

  • Choose the amount of channels that you want to be able to see on a single screen.
  • When you click on Select a channel…., you will be able to choose from a choice of pre-configured news channels provided by the developer.


  • If you prefer, you may copy and paste the URL from another streaming video provider, such as YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Repeat the preceding procedures for each channel until your VidGrid is ready to provide multi-display functionality. Full-screen viewing may be achieved by using the F11 key.

What is VidGrid

You can only hear the audio broadcast of the cell that is now active (channel). When you want to activate a certain channel, either click on it or press the appropriate channel number on the keyboard. Once a channel has been selected, clicking on it a second time will cause the channel to shut.

You are unable to manually resize or reorganize the channels to meet your specific requirements.
Video options such as pause, rewind, full screen, and so on are not available in any of the available channels.

There is no way to customize the list of available channels that has been supplied by the developers. To see a channel that is not currently listed in the preset list, you must always paste the URL to that channel.

All things considered, this is a fantastic multi-video player for your browser that works flawlessly in virtually all of the browsers that we have tried so far. It is particularly beneficial for individuals who want to watch numerous news stations at the same time in order to get complete coverage of any event.

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