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Pocket Academy school management game is free, original price 5.99USD


Pocket Academy school management game is free, original price 5.99USD

Referring to Kairosoft, it is impossible not to mention Pocket Academy, its very successful game. The game costs 5.99USD but is currently being offered for free download.

Pocket Academy is a game that allows players to play the role of principal of a Japanese high school. You will start the school with everything starting as the person who decides the facilities for the school from the beginning of the game. This is the place to help you earn more money from students.

While doing all of that, you also have to make money. By having the kids study and pass tests, you can also have them take exams that will help the school raise its tuition, thus putting more money in the school’s bank account.

It takes a while to generate revenue, as my school was dirt poor and struggling to make money at first. The game takes place over the course of 11 years (with each year taking about 30 minutes to an hour to clear), so you have plenty of time to get things down right.

If you’ve ever played through Kairosoft games, then you must be quite familiar with the pixel style graphics characteristic of this game. The game is not nearly picky, so you can play the game on any iPhone. As a simulation game, the game can be addictive for you to daily check your school. The game is worth playing, especially since it’s free.

Currently the game is free on the Appstore (the original price is 5.99USD), so there is no reason you miss a hot game like this. Please quickly download the link below:

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