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Free Transpose VR and Gravity Wars game


Free Transpose VR and Gravity Wars game

Transpose and Gravity Wars, two games with opposing gameplay are free by developers on Steam. Gravity Wars also has a DRM-free version, which is also being developed by “developers for free” on

Gravity Wars

Gravity Wars brings a multiplayer action experience for up to 4 people with a unique … survival game. Your task is to dodge the “stormy” of the chaotic “bombardment” geometry entities on the screen. 

Although it sounds simple, the game experience requires reflex skills “not the right kind”. Not to mention, while you are still dodging the said entities, other “wicked Gypsy” players will also find a way to destroy you for the purpose of survival.


VR game with puzzle play gives players the ability to change gravity, challenging you to solve simple physics puzzles increasingly more complex. All are “encapsulated” in a virtual reality world on the background of eye-catching graphics and background music extremely attractive. 

It is not even an exaggeration to say that Transpose is a new wind for the virtual reality puzzle game line when skillfully applying this technology, bringing fascinating challenges in beautiful graphics. It is not natural that the game is appreciated by both professionals and players.

Note: you need a virtual reality headset to be able to play Transpose, but to receive games is not required.

Currently, Transpose and Gravity Wars are free within 72 hours, until April 13, 2020. Transpose is priced at $19.99 and Gravity Wars is $4.99. 

Instructions on how to receive the game:

① First you must register for a Steam account (free) if you do not have and confirm your registration by email. If yes then skip this step.

② Open the Steam app and log in with your account, go to the Store in the top left corner, enter the keyword grav w into the search box in the upper right corner of the app and select the Gravity Wars game at the price is Free.

③ Click Add to Account in the middle of the screen and get Success! Gravity Wars is now registered to your account on Steam to update game copyright to your Steam account!

④ Continue to repeat step ② with the keyword transpose for virtual reality game Transpose.

⑤ Complete the same step as ③ to receive a confirmation of Success! Transpose is now registered to your account on Steam. So you have updated the copyright of the game to your Steam account! If you want, you can also get the very good soundtrack of the game for free forever for the full set.

● Or if it’s not available or for some reason you can’t install the Steam app on your computer, you can also access the Transpose and Gravity Wars store pages using a browser.

Note : If you get the error message The link you followed does not appear to be a valid URL, you probably already own it without noticing it.

Complete the aforementioned steps and receive a notification as instructing that you have owned Transpose and Gravity Wars permanently on Steam!

To play the game, log into your account in step ① on the Steam application, then go to the Library menu select the game and click the Install Game button to install! Now when you visit Transpose or Gravity Wars on Steam, you’ll see a Play Game button instead of Add to Account.

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