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This is another basic online tool for creating donut charts. It has a simple chart creation tool. It displays the chart preview in real-time and the data value on the right. You can enter your data values along the right side and select a color for each value.

You may observe the corresponding changes in the chart as you add values. No legend or label is included on the chart. However, you have control over the inner and outer radii as well as the spacing for the donut shape. Finally, you can copy the chart’s SVG code to the clipboard. Alternatively, the chart can be exported as a PNG or SVG file.

How can I create a donut diagram on this website?

  • Follow the link provided below to access this donut chart generator.
  • Add new items (slices) with a value and color on the screen’s right side.
  • Set the donut radii and distance from the chart’s top.
  • Use the “Save as” option to export the chart once complete.


  • This website provides only one template for the Donut chart.
  • Type of Chart: IT is able to generate 2D donut charts with a real-time preview.
  • Input Options: Add data slice by slice.
  • Option to assign a color to each individual data value. And the diameter and space of the doughnut shape.
  • None of the text options are available.
  • Additional Options: There are no additional options.
  • Output: PNG & SVG.

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