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How to show the length of a playlist on YouTube


How to show the length of a playlist on YouTube

We often need to know the complete runtime of a YouTube playlist, such as lectures, tutorials, or music. YouTube doesn’t show this. The manual approach is to add each video’s runtime or multiply the average runtime by the number of videos. The first technique is time-consuming for long playlists, while the second is wrong.

Chrome and Firefox extensions show the precise duration of YouTube playlists in hours, minutes, and seconds. Several websites let you paste a YouTube playlist URL to get its runtime and more. This article reviews 4 Extensions that show YouTube playlist length on the UI.

1. YouTube Playlist duration Calculator (Chrome)

This extension displays YouTube playlist duration in the upper right corner without blocking the UI. The playlist’s total number of videos is shown in brackets after the duration in HH:MM:SS format.

Download the zip file from the URL below and extract it. Navigate to chrome:/extensions, activate Developer Mode, click ‘Load Unpacked,’ and choose the unzipped folder. Launch the extension.

Load the YouTube Playlist in Chrome ( to view its duration. If the counter isn’t displayed, reload the Playlist window. If the playlist has more than 100 videos, reload the page.

This Chrome extension is simple, customizable, and easy to use.

2. YouTube Playlist duration Calculator (Chrome & Firefox)

This Chrome extension calculates a YouTube playlist’s length. A progress bar shows how much has been watched. Details show in an immovable pane over the UI.

Install the Chrome extension (or Firefox plugin) and go to the YouTube playlist. If asked, reload Playlist window. After updating the counter, no window has to be refreshed.

This is a really nice Extension since it shows the duration you’ve watched in addition to the playlist’s overall length.

Install Chrome Extension here. Click here to install Firefox’s plugin.

3. YouTube Playlist duration Calculator (Chrome & Firefox)

Third addon to calculate and show YouTube playlist length. It’s for Chrome and Firefox.

Install the extension from the URL below, visit the Playlist page, and the required information will be underneath the Playlist Title. In parentheses is the number of videos examined for the computation, followed by the duration in hours, minutes, and seconds.

If there are more than 100 movies, the extension will compute the total time for 100, then recalculate as you scroll down. If you have fewer than 100 videos, this won’t happen.

This is another fantastic plugin that displays the complete time of YouTube Playlist videos without disrupting the UI.

Install this Chrome extension here. Click here to get Firefox’s plugin.

4. YouTube Playlist duration Calculator (Microsoft Edge)

This Microsoft Edge addon displays YouTube playlist duration.¬†Like the previous one, it allows big playlists. The Playlist page’s counter may need to be refreshed.

If your playlist has more than 100 videos, scroll down so the counter can recalculate the length.

This is a nice Microsoft Edge extension for YouTube Playlists, however contextual advertising for donations keep popping in new tabs.

Download the Edge extension here.

All extensions are similar, except for the second, which shows how much you’ve seen. You can pick a Browser Extension based on your desire.

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