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3 Free QR Code generators for Microsoft Excel


3 Free QR Code generators for Microsoft Excel

These QR Code Generators take information from a single cell in the Excel Sheet, or even from multiple cells if you are doing bulk generation, and encode it into QR Codes that are then placed in the sheet itself.


This is an Excel Add-in that can be bought at the Office Store. Click “Insert” and then “Add-ins” to search for it in the store and install it. Once it’s been installed, it will show up in the “My Add-ins” list in Office Add-ins, where it can be run.

From the drop-down menu, you can choose the type of information to be encoded, such as a URL, Email ID, SMS message, phone number, etc. Indicate the QR Code’s size and error correction values, as well as its foreground and background colors. In the “Preview” window, the QR code will be made by itself in real time. You can put it in the sheet wherever you want by clicking “Insert” or by copying and pasting the QR Image into any cell you want.

Overall, this is a good tool for making and adding QR codes to an Excel Spreadsheet. When the Insert button doesn’t work, you can copy and paste the QR Image into the sheet.

Download QR4Office

Free Excel Spreadsheet

This is a ready-made Excel Worksheet that you can download and change to make QR Codes for any data value you want. It has a User Defined Function in VBA and uses Google Chart API to make the QR Code.

Just type the values of the information to be encoded in cells A1 through A6. Next, click the drop-down menu in Cell A10 and choose the value you want to make a QR code for. Using the Google Chart API, the value you chose from the drop-down menu will be turned into a QR Code in just a few seconds.

In short, this is a good ready-made Excel worksheet for making QR codes. To add more information to the drop-down list, you need to know how to read and change the VBA code.

Download Free Excel Spreadsheet

Another free Excel spreadsheet to make a QR code

Like the previous Generator, this one is a ready-made Excel Worksheet that you can download and use to encode QR Codes with any information you want.

Type the value of the information to be encoded in cell A1. The QR Code will be generated and shown on the Excel spreadsheet in real time in just a few seconds.

Every time you want to make a new QR Code, you will have to change the information in cell A1 to the new value, and the QR Code will be updated automatically.

Overall, this is a decent QR Code Generator for Excel that has a built-in function for making QR codes in real time. It doesn’t let you change the size or color of the QR code.

To get this Excel worksheet, click here.

QR Code Generators for Microsoft Excel is a great tool if you want to put data values and their QR codes in the same document.

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