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Hitomi Downloader: simple Windows media downloader


Hitomi Downloader: simple Windows media downloader

Hitomi Downloader is an open source media downloader for Windows that may be customized by users.

By default, the downloader supports downloads from a wide variety of websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Flickr, Imgur, Instagram, the Wayback Machine, Weibo, and Pinterest. Multiple manga sites and pornographic sites and services are supported by default by the downloader. All sites supported by youtube-dl are also supported by Hitomi Downloader.

Hitomi Downloader

Users are able to enhance support via scripts. A variety of scripts may be downloaded from the project’s GitHub website.

The program download is fairly hefty, weighing in at over 80 Megabytes. Upon first launch, Windows may display a SmartScreen problem warning. After bypassing this, the application’s primary interface is loaded.

To begin, paste any URL from a compatible website into the application’s address field. You may also write URLs, although copying and pasting may be quicker. A click on the download button establishes a connection to the URL and initiates downloads if the page has content that can be downloaded.

Select Options > Preferences to open the options for the first time users. There, they will find a number of important options, such as preferences to set download folders for each of the supported services, options for specific services such as YouTube or Instagram, options to compress certain downloads to zip files, and advanced preferences to set a program password, proxy, or file exclusions, among others.

YouTube is configured to automatically download the version with the greatest quality. You may change the default resolution as well as the default format from mp4 to mp3 if you simply want audio.

Hitomi Downloader also supports torrents, however most users would likely choose to use dedicated torrent clients for these downloads, as they provide more customization options.

Users have access to a variety of customization choices and other functions. Hitomi Downloader can watch the clipboard for URLs of compatible services, provides bright and dark modes, import/exportable jobs, and interface customizations.

Hitomi Downloader is an open-source media downloader that predominantly supports music, video, and picture websites. It is simple to use, yet gives its users with a wealth of features and options.

Other downloaders, such as Internet Download Manager, Bulk Image Downloader, or youtube-dl, or one of its forks, may be preferred by some users.

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